How To Make a Millon Dollars But Not a Billion

Mo' money mo' problems. Yea whatever!

First of all we need to give you a warning: Do not, we repeat DO NOT earn more $2,147,483,647 in Grand Theft Auto 5 unless you want to find yourself billions of dollars in GTA debt!

This revalation discovered by NeoGAF user OmegaDL50 is because of a little problem within the game ( a signed 32-Bit integer to be precise), that causes numbers to go into a negative malue once they reach a certain point. The point in this game being $2,147,483,647. 

Here's a picture to prove it:

make a billion in gta v

Some of you may have already gone past this fatal figure however and need help gettign back up there, don't panic, we can help you with that!

Now for the interesting part; who to rob and how to play the stock market for money.

  • Go robbing

You can start off with petty theft, rob people who have just withdrawn cash from ATM's or hold up shop clerks and get cash from the tills. Work your way up then to Gruppe 6 security trucks, which carry $5000 in ready cash – aim at the driver to force him to stop, or run the vehicle off-road, then apply a bit of C4 to the rear doors.

If you're to pussy to do a robbery yourself, try following police cars to the site of a robbery and you might be able to nick off with the stolen goods.

  • Take the Dog for a walk

Chop, Franklins Dog is batshit crazy, he'll maul anyone you point your gun at! So maybe don't take him robbing. However he can be pretty useful for sniffing out hidden treasures and collectables, like spaceship parts. That's when he's not busy humping other dogs.

  • Keep repeating the same mission, but with different main characters

This also applies to some item drops, such as the $12000 you'll find in a treasure box near the crashed plane at the bottom of the ocean, up in the north-west part of the map. Just switch characters and wait for a few seconds.

  • Buy up some property

Your bank balance will be automaticaly toped up each week for for each propery you own. 

The cheapest property we've discovered is The Hen House, an absolute hole for $80,000 and is good for $800 in revenue. At the top end, there's The Los Santos Golf Club, which costs a crazy $150,000,000 and has an income of $264,500.

Buying certain properties can also unlock new side missions. ONe of these is the McKenzie Field Hangar in Grapeseed. Once acquired, you'll be able to smuggle weapons in and out of Los Santos, for a maximum of $7000 per shipment.

Be aware, some properties need to be defended against local wildlife, for example bandits that come now and again to hassle the staff of Tequi-LA-LA over in West Vinewood.

  • Play the Stock Market

The stock market is another easy way to make big money in GTA V. You just need to know how to play it well, so heres a tip, avoid using the BawSaq market and stick to LCN.

Another tip, invest in a company that has a direct rival, such as Cluckin' Bell and Taco Bomb or AirEmu and FlyUS. Go to the rival company, destroy as much property as you can, and watch as your stock skyrockets in value!


…..and if you can;t be bothered with doing any of that and just want some fast cash, check out the infinite money cheat here